When teachers talk, we listen.

We have hundreds of testimonials from happy teachers!

“We are a Quaver District! We love the way the material addresses the students’ likes and attention spans. It’s very interactive, especially the online components that help teachers construct lesson plans that are in line with the National Standards. This is a new era in general music instruction for PGCPS. It is my belief that our schools will excel due to this new and innovative instructional tool.”

Judith Hawkins
Vocal General Music Supervisor
Prince George’s County Public Schools
Capitol Heights, MD

“This is my 27th year of teaching and I have never been more excited about sharing something with my students. This program has transformed my teaching, and I now believe that nobody – and I mean nobody – should be without their Quaver.”

Denise Barone
Beltsville Academy
Beltsville, MD

“The ClassPlay songs in the Quaver Curriculum are wonderful! I don’t have to spend late nights creating my own slides, and I don’t have to stand by my laptop and change them during the song. I can interact with the kids. I could go on and on, but there is not enough time in the day!”

Tammy Thiele
Jackie Mae Townsell Elementary
Irving, TX

“Students feel successful with Quaver activities, which inspires them to learn while also giving them the confidence to take on more challenges!”

Linda Lawson
Rineyville Elementary School
Rineyville, KY

“I have NEVER seen my 5th grade classes so excited about music. Before the addition of Quaver to my classroom, they were totally not engaged, fighting, disrespectful. I finally tried to bring Quaver into the classroom and let them work from their Chromebooks. VOILA!!!! No more fighting, no more disrespect, and TOTAL ENGAGEMENT!!! These resources work and engage students right where they are and meets their needs. They’re learning!”

Patricia Taylor
High Bridge Elementary
Bowie, MD

“I have found Quaver’s Program to be engaging, interactive and on the cutting edge of what music teachers and students need. From music history to composition, teachers have a way to utilize the lessons in the classroom and the students can access the materials at home. It caters to the way our children learn and is educationally sound.”

Carol Crittenden
Metro Nashville Public Schools
Nashville, TN

“Because of how this generation gets most of its information, these videos are perfect to reach most of the kids’ learning styles…and there is enough room to put your own stamp on the learning as well. It’s a real treasure trove!”

Dara Case
Mount Rainier Elementary
Mt Rainier, MD

“The Quaver Music program helps me as a veteran music educator make optimal use of technology in my classroom to reach my young 21st century students where they are – living in a digital age. The components of this program which are most attractive to music educators include many interactive whiteboard activities, various assessment tools (and the ability to track progress of individual students), a thorough collection of music of varying styles, recordings of actual instruments, readily-available technical support/customer service, and many other tools to help me with what I do – teach students about music, help them to understand cross-curricular connections and cause them to be life-long consumers who love music!”

Donna Barrick
High Point Academy
Spartanburg, SC

“I spent all summer writing year long plans I am now throwing away and I’m doing QK-5. Needless to say I am blown away. I can even print out my lesson plans. You all have thought of everything. With smart board technology taking over education there is nothing on the market like this. It’s all in one place. Neatly organized. All the teacher has to do is click next..Standards are aligned, worksheets are provided, they can print lesson plans. It’s all done for them. When you teach you can be up and moving around and engaging with the kids. You keep raising the bar in technology in music education. You listened to the teachers and have done what they asked.”

Amanda Gonzales
Blandford Elementary School
Rincon, GA

“”I use ClassPlay pretty much daily and my kids LOVE it. I especially love the flexibility that ClassPlay offers–it’s really a tool that has improved how I teach, and every time that I get observed, my supervisor and principal love that they can see the cross-curricular connections immediately. I also love that the ClassPlay songs include folk songs that I’ve been using for years, but give a fresh take on them. Quaver is the best!”

Catherine Rudd
Cranberry Station Elementary
Westminster, MD

“I just started the year with the wonderful Quaver program. The kids love it and cheer when we are embarking on new episode. Children have already come back and told me they visited QuaverMusic.com, and one told me it was at the bottom of mom’s “favorite” list! This initiative on the kid’s part says loads! I am having so much fun with this. It’s like having a team teacher in the room that I can bounce off of. I’m kind of a nut myself so Quaver and I “compliment” each other! The kids are positive and excited and are learning more efficiently.”

Charlene Revel
Southern Elementary School
Georgetown, KY

“I think that when you look at educational materials, sometimes it’s a gamble where you put your money. And I think with the Quaver Program, I’m from Kentucky so I have to say it’s the Triple Crown.”

Jon Oliver
Hunter Hills Elementary School
Corbin, KY

“The buzz of excitement in the lab was awesome as students entered contests (and won!), created skits, read venue books to get diplomas and things for their avatars, played in the shop (hidden puzzles and bell game), and dressed their avatar in crazy hair and funny faces! It was a blast!!”

Carol Froehlich
Howe Elementary School
Pittsburgh, PA