PreK-8 Quaver Curriculum

Curriculum Resources for Each Age, Stage, and Teaching Style!

Quaver’s Beyond Marvelous General Music Curriculum for Grades PreK-8 is a comprehensive, customizable, fully-digital program with engaging content that meets NCCAS Standards at every grade level!

Learn more about each stage of Quaver’s Curriculum REsources:

  • A perfect fit for Pre-K music classes, Quaver’s PreK Curriculum includes 22 multi-faceted lessons, each built around a musical and social theme. Each lesson contains four songs, a story, a classical music connection, and a cast of characters your students will love!
  • Ready to learn more? Quaver Trainer Valerie breaks down our lessons for your youngest students in this training video.

  • QK-5 includes over 225 ready-to-use lessons organized into 3-week modules and spiraling up through the grades to create a solid general music foundation. Teachers also have access to a searchable library of over 6,500 resources, ready-to-use or customize!
  • Ready to explore? Quaver Trainer Otto walks you through how to find and use K-5 lesson in this training video.

  • Engage your middle school students in the active, creative elements of music with 14 multi-session group projects—116 total lessons! Develop skills in feedback and critical thinking as you explore world music, composition, improvisation, and music technology.
  • Ready to dive in? Quaver himself, Graham Hepburn, is standing by to unpack our 6th Grade Pop Opera project in this training video.

Song-Based Lessons
  • In addition to these lessons, teachers have access to a growing library of Song-Based Lessons inspired by the Kodály, Orff, and Music Learning Theory approaches to music education. Each lesson revolves around a folk song or theme and includes opportunities for student-directed learning to help develop the musical knowledge of your students using the teaching style that suits you best!

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