Quaver Resources for DoDEA Teachers

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DoDEA teachers interested in QuaverMusic resources can contact Rob Wilbourn at RobW@QuaverMusic.com or reach our Customer Service team at (866) 917-3633 (M-F, 8am-7pm ET).

What Teachers Are Saying About Quaver

“I have found Quaver’s Program to be engaging, interactive and on the cutting edge of what music teachers and students need. From music history to composition, teachers have a way to utilize the lessons in the classroom and the students can access the materials at home. It caters to the way our children learn and is educationally sound.”

Carol Crittenden
Metro Nashville Public Schools
Nashville, TN

“”I use ClassPlay pretty much daily and my kids LOVE it. I especially love the flexibility that ClassPlay offers–it’s really a tool that has improved how I teach, and every time that I get observed, my supervisor and principal love that they can see the cross-curricular connections immediately. I also love that the ClassPlay songs include folk songs that I’ve been using for years, but give a fresh take on them. Quaver is the best!”

Catherine Rudd
Cranberry Station Elementary
Westminster, MD

“The ClassPlay songs in the Quaver Curriculum are wonderful! I don’t have to spend late nights creating my own slides, and I don’t have to stand by my laptop and change them during the song. I can interact with the kids. I could go on and on, but there is not enough time in the day!”

Tammy Thiele
Jackie Mae Townsell Elementary
Irving, TX