About Quaver Music

QuaverMusic.com is committed to being the most trusted, worldwide brand in music education.

We currently serve more than 11,000 schools in districts located in all 50 states and 31 countries.

Three things you should know about QuaverMusic.com:

1. We believe in Seriously Fun Teaching and Learning!
  • Serious because our content addresses grade-appropriate concepts, is fully compliant with NCCAS Music Standards, and spirals up through the grades to create a comprehensive General Music curriculum with a strong vocal focus that suits the unique needs of individual districts.
  • Fun because every lesson is packed with true interactivity and memorable activities today’s students will love – full of technology, modern and traditional songs, humor, movement, character-building exercises, and critical thinking.

2. We believe in the power of music.

Our mission is to equip educators to engage today’s students in academic, social, and emotional learning.

We believe music is the key to unlocking student emotion and inspiring a lifelong love of learning!

3. Our cloud-based Curriculum is a living, breathing resource.

One of the benefits of an online curriculum is the constant link between publisher and teacher. Unlike textbooks which remain stagnant, Quaver delivers a growing, changing resource and a partnership with our teachers to maintain an outstanding product for the life of their license.

  • Customization: It’s easy to adapt our lessons or create new lessons from scratch – incorporating favorite resources from outside QuaverMusic.com into a seamless presentation. No other program makes it this simple to include outside material.
  • Free Updates: The curriculum is always growing with new feature and content updates at least four times a year. When these updates come, they appear instantly FREE of charge – no trips to the ‘marketplace’ to purchase add ons!
  • Ongoing Training: With an online curriculum, comes online support! Our extensive Professional Development Program includes online, on-demand, and even on-site training that is easy to access and easy to understand!

Don’t just take our word for it!

At the end of the 2017/18 School Year, the Fine Arts Supervisors from 87 school districts asked their music teachers to assess the impact of the Quaver Curriculum. Additionally, the Quaver team reached out to a wider audience of teachers individually in all 50 states across the country. The composite grades given by the 2,364 teachers who responded to the National Survey are unpacked below.

The teachers graded the Quaver Curriculum overwhelmingly as Good, Very Good, or Excellent in every category—higher than 95% for every question asked

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Review ResourcesTry it for yourself! Official Reviewers can log in to the full Curriculum using the credentials sent in your submission packet to see how Quaver meets and exceeds NCCAS standards.